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Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade

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Carbide saw blades are the most commonly used cutting tools for processing wood products, and are often used for sawing and grooving metal materials. The quality of cemented carbide saw blades is closely related to the quality of the workpieces to be processed. Therefore, the selection of suitable types of cemented carbide materials to create cemented carbide saw blades is important for improving the quality of workpieces, shortening processing cycles, and reducing processing costs. significance. Of course, the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade are also affected by multiple parameters such as the material, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, angle, and aperture of the substrate, as well as the type, thickness, sawing speed, and sawing of the material to be sawed Influence of cutting direction, feeding speed, sawing path width, etc.

Selection of cemented carbide materials for cemented carbide saw blades

The commonly used types of cemented carbide are tungsten and cobalt (code YG), tungsten titanium (code YT). Because tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide has better impact resistance, it is more widely used in the wood processing industry. The commonly used model in wood processing is YG8-YG15. The number behind YG indicates the percentage of cobalt content. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy have increased, but the hardness and wear resistance have decreased. It should be selected according to the actual situation.

Application range of carbide saw blades:

1. Timber: cutting saw blades for ordinary wood, logs, hard wood, recycled wood, etc.

2. Soft metal: special cutting blades for non-ferrous metals and soft metals such as aluminum alloy and copper, lead, iron, etc.

3. Plates: Professional cutting of solid wood boards, industrial plywood, high-density boards, painted boards and sandwich boards.

4. Steel: professional cutting of steel, metal, etc.

5. Industrial materials: cutting processing of plastics, plastics, PVC, etc.

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