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Tungsten Carbide Floating Reamer

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Carbide floating reamers can float in the axial direction or along the vertical space swing or both with these movements to effectively compensate for machine tool thermal deformation, workpiece mounting, reamer, etc. in the horizontal axis or vertical space error . It is widely used in automotive engines, marine engines and hydraulic, medical, energy and other areas requiring high precision reaming.


In the use of carbide floating reamer should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Milling, the reamer can not be reversed in the hole, so as not to damage or blunt cutting edge;

2. Machine hinge to re-stop after the reamer hole, so as to avoid cracks in the hole wall, and the calibration part of the hole can not be full;

Reaming dimensional accuracy, reamer size and surface roughness, clamping methods, the workpiece material and cutting fluid properties and other factors, before the bulk processing of the trial should be carried out to avoid a large number of scrapped parts;

4. Reamer to use, to clean the chips in the chip flute, and then oil into the jacket, to prevent cutting edge bumps.


Reamer and cutter comparison

Reamer is a hole machining tool, drilling, lathe or manual reaming, is a finishing tool. Milling cutter is used on a milling machine and is a rotary cutter with one or more teeth for milling. In the work of each tooth intermittently cut the workpiece in turn intermittent. There are many types, such as face mills, cylindrical face mills, profile mills, finger mills, disk mills, large flat mills, and the like. Some overall cylindrical cutter shape and cutter like. Relatively speaking, milling cutter is more widely used.

Reamer divided reamer and reamer two. Rough reamer blade less, larger chip space, at the same time in the blade with a spiral chip flute to prevent too much when the coarse hinge cutting and clogging. Fine Reamer blade more, and leave a small edge, in order to ensure the quality of pheasant hole. Common reamers specifications l: 50,1: 20,1: 5. Lathe is installed on the lathe used to cut metal tools. Lathe welding, is made of ordinary steel arbor, using a cutter to cut the corresponding incision cemented carbide blade, with brazing and borax Brazed from. The indexable structure is a hole in the center of the insert that holds the insert in place with a bolt on the indentation of the insert, so that three or four cutting inserts of the insert can be steered for use, unlike a welded structure where only one cutting edge can be used. Turning points CNC turning tools, turning tools, diamond car, alloy turning tools, carbide turning tools.

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