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How to Choose the Sawtooth Angle of Carbide Saw Blade?

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How to choose the sawtooth angle of carbide saw blade? The angle parameters of the sawtooth portion of the saw blade are more complicated. The correct selection of the angle parameter of the saw blade is the key to determine the cutting quality.

Selection of sawtooth angle of cemented carbide saw blade

The sawtooth angle affects the cutting performance of the carbide saw blade. The rake angle, back angle, and wedge angle have the greatest influence on the cutting effect.

1.Rake angle-the cutting angle of the sawtooth; the rake angle is generally between 10-15°; the larger the rake angle, the better the sharpness of the sawtooth cutting, the lighter and faster the cutting, and the more effort to push the material. Generally, when the material to be processed is soft, choose a larger rake angle, otherwise choose a smaller rake angle.

2. Back angle—the angle between the sawtooth and the processed surface; generally 15°; to prevent friction between the sawtooth and the processed surface; the larger the back angle, the smaller the friction and the smoother the processed product.

3. Wedge angle—derived from the front angle and the rear angle; cannot be too small; it plays a role in maintaining the strength, heat dissipation and durability of the saw tooth.

The sum of the front angle, the rear angle, and the wedge angle is equal to 90°.

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