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What is Tungsten Based Diamond Wire / Tungsten Fund Steel Wire?

Tungsten Diamond Wire, also known as Tungsten Fund Steel Wire, is a type of diamond cutting wire or diamond wire that uses doped tungsten wire as the bus/substrate. It is a progressive linear cutting tool composed of doped tungsten wire, pre plated nickel layer, sanded nickel layer

04/ 19 / 2023
The Effect of Impurity Elements on the Ductility of Tungsten Alloys

The ductility of tungsten alloy refers to the plastic deformation ability of the alloy material before it ruptures due to stress. It is a combination of mechanical properties with similar concepts of ductility and ductility, and is influenced by many factors

04/ 17 / 2023
What is the Plasticity of Tungsten Alloy?

As a typical high melting temperature material, the mechanical properties of tungsten alloy mainly include hardness, brittleness, plasticity, toughness, strength, elasticity, ductility and rigidity, which are affected by many factors such as material composition, raw material ratio etc.

03/ 01 / 2023
Main Properties of Cemented Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide/cemented carbide is a kind of high hardness and brittleness material composed of refractory metal carbides, such as tungsten carbide powder or titanium carbide powder, and bonded metal cobalt, nickel or iron. It has excellent physical and chemical properties.

02/ 24 / 2023
The Difference Between Forged Wheels and Cast Wheels for Cranes

The crane wheel is the only place where the crane is in contact with the track. It plays the role of supporting the crane load and running transmission. It is one of the important accessories of the crane. The quality of the wheel is related to the length of the crane's operating life.

02/ 20 / 2023
Effect of Sintering Temperature on Properties of Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten alloy is an alloy material with excellent thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties, which is widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation and other fields. Specifically, the properties of tungsten alloys include high density, high strength, high hardness and good ductility.

02/ 07 / 2023
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