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Application of Molybdenum Foil in Aluminum Ion Battery

Molybdenum foil is a kind of thin sheet made of transition metal molybdenum material, which has the characteristics of high purity, low resistance, good electrochemical performance and chemical stability.

02/ 02 / 2023
What is the Shielding Property of Tungsten Alloy?

High specific gravity tungsten alloy has excellent shielding performance in addition to the characteristics of non-radioactivity, high density, high strength, high hardness and good chemical stability, and is widely used in collimators, syringes, shielding shields, shielding funnels, shielding cans, shielding blankets, flaw detectors, multi-leaf gratings and other shielding products.

01/ 29 / 2023
Main Properties of Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten Alloy is a kind of alloy material with transition metal tungsten (W) as the hard phase and nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and other metal elements as the bonding phase.

01/ 04 / 2023
pure tungsten sputtering targets.jpg
Fabrication of Tungsten Sputtering Target

Tungsten target, also known as tungsten sputtering target, is a typical pure tungsten product with high purity, high melting point, high density, high deflection strength, good thermochemical stability, low resistance, non-toxic and non radioactive characteristics.

11/ 10 / 2022
Three Kinds of Tungsten Alloys Most Widely Used -- Properties and Applications

Tungsten alloy family has many industrial applications due to its strength. Tungsten provides a unique contribution because it gives base metals exceptional strength, corrosion resistance and other useful properties.

10/ 24 / 2022
WT20 tungsten electrode.jpg
The Difference Between Cerium Tungsten Electrode and Thorium Tungsten Electrode

Cerium tungsten electrode is a tungsten electrode containing about 2% cerium oxide, which is called cerium tungsten electrode in English. The color code applicator is gray. Thorium tungsten electrode is a tungsten electrode containing 1-1.2% thorium oxide, which is called Thoriated Tungsten Electrode in English. The color code coating heads are yellow, red, purple and orange.

10/ 21 / 2022
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