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  • [Product News] Tungsten silver

    Tungsten silver is a silver alloy composed of silver and tungsten, a binary alloy of silver and tungsten. Silver and tungsten are immiscible in both liquid and solid state.

  • [Product News] Tungsten Steel Reamer, Countersink, Reamer

    The tungsten steel reaming drill is used as a pre-processing reaming before reaming or grinding, such as the expansion of drilling, casting, forging and punching.

  • Drilling with Tungsten Carbide Bits

    Drilling can perform hole processing on solid materials, and is widely used in cutting processing.In metal cutting, the proportion of hole machining is very large, and various hole machining tools are widely used.

  • [Product News] Tungsten Steel Bar

    According to the structure, tungsten steel bar can be divided into tungsten steel bar for PCB tool, solid tungsten steel bar, single straight hole tungsten steel bar, double straight hole tungsten steel bar, double spiral hole tungsten steel bar, triple spiral hole tungsten steel rods and other types of tungsten steel rods, etc.

  • [Product News] Tungsten Electrode

    Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high hardness, high melting point, high strength, high specific gravity, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, easy cutting, anti-adhesion, and has the characteristics of sweating and cooling.

  • [Product News] Iron Tungsten

    Iron tungsten alloy series (tungsten content: 70%-80%) is an alloy composed of tungsten and iron, which is used as an alloy additive in steelmaking. Commonly used ferrotungsten alloys contain 70% tungsten and 80% tungsten.

  • [Product News] Tungsten Steel

    Tungsten steel, also known as cemented carbide, refers to a sintered composite material containing at least one metal carbide. Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, and tantalum carbide are common components of tungsten steel.

  • [Product News] Tungsten Products

    Tungsten products refer to all kinds of products at all levels produced with tungsten ore as the basic raw material. Tungsten products can be divided into tungsten ore, tungstate, tungsten powder, pure tungsten products, tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, other derivatives of tungsten, etc.

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