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Tungsten Sputtering Targets

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Tungsten target  is also called tungsten sputtering target. It is a product made of pure tungsten powder. Its appearance is silver-white. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is popular in many fields.

Characteristics of tungsten sputtering target

1) High purity, the purity of the target material after sintering and forging can usually be higher than 99.95%. Generally speaking, when other conditions remain unchanged, the higher the purity of the target material, the better the electrical properties of the coating produced, and the less likely it is to short-circuit or damage the corresponding circuit.

2) The cost is relatively reasonable, and the speed of direct pressing by powder metallurgy is faster, which can effectively shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost.

3) High density, the target density after sintering and forging can reach 19.1g/cm3 or more.

4) The deflection force is high, and the composition and structure of the target product produced by ultra-fine pure tungsten powder are relatively uniform and consistent.

5) The thermochemical stability is good, and it is not prone to volume expansion or contraction, and chemical reactions with other substances.

6) The resistance is low, and the circuit will not generate unnecessary energy.

In addition, it has high melting point, high elasticity, low expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, non-toxic, non-radioactive and other characteristics.

Tungsten sputtering target production process

It is generally prepared by powder metallurgy. First, put the tungsten powder in a vacuum heat treatment furnace for pre-degassing, then introduce hydrogen, and continue heating for degassing; second, the degassed tungsten powder is sintered by vacuum hot pressing; third, the The sintered product is subjected to secondary sintering through a hot isostatic press; fourth, the entire surface of the secondary sintered product is subjected to mechanical processing to grind the entire surface to obtain the product. Note: 1) The purity of tungsten powder should be over 99.999% and the particle size should be between 3.2-4.2μm.

Tungsten target use

It is widely used in flat panel displays, solar cells, integrated circuits, automotive glass, microelectronics, memory, X-ray tubes, medical equipment, melting equipment and other products.

Note: The purity, density, microstructure, internal quality, welding quality, appearance quality and geometric dimensions of the target material have an important influence on the quality of the coating.

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