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China G6 Generation Ultra-large Size Molybdenum Target for Semiconductor Breaks Foreign Technology Monopoly

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China has developed the first domestic G6 generation ultra-large size high-end molybdenum target with completely independent intellectual property rights, and achieved mass production in this quarter. This means that in the Asia-Pacific region, China is the first country that can produce ultra-large size molybdenum targets for semiconductors. At the same time, it also marks that China has broken the European monopoly on this core technology.

You should know that before this, due to the limitation of production equipment and core technology, China needs to import a large amount of super large-scale high-end molybdenum targets from abroad every year. In other words, China still has technological gaps in the G6 ultra-large high-end molybdenum target, which needs to be filled in time. This breakthrough just shows that China has filled the technical gap. In addition, the fact that China has taken a key step in the localization of high-end display core materials is also undoubtedly revealed.


Molybdenum target, also known as molybdenum sputtering target, may be strange to many people, so you may not know it is one of the core materials in the semiconductor industry for a while, more specifically, it is The key core raw material in LCD flat panel displays. However, in fact, you can be very familiar with it. Not only can it be seen everywhere, but it may be accompanied by several hours or even more than ten hours of the day. That's right, this "it" is a mobile phone OLED screen.


As we all know, materials are the foundation. All products are inseparable from materials, and high-end products and high-tech products have higher requirements for materials. So, seeing this, would you be a bit curious, why is molybdenum one of the preferred materials for sputtering targets for flat panel displays?

In fact, chrome was used as a wiring material for flat panel displays. However, the times are advancing, technology is developing, and flat panel displays are also in the process of becoming larger and more precise. Chromium can no longer meet the higher requirements of flat wiring materials for impedance-less specific impedance. Moreover, environmental issues must also be considered. Therefore, molybdenum has the characteristics of high melting point, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and its specific impedance and film stress are only 1/2 of chromium. Also, molybdenum is an environmentally friendly material and does not need to Worried about environmental pollution. Therefore, molybdenum has become one of the preferred materials for sputtering targets for flat panel displays. It is very important that, according to experts, molybdenum can also greatly improve the brightness, contrast, color and other performance of the LCD display and extend its service life.


As we all know, flat panel displays are developing rapidly. However, before that, there were no major domestic companies specializing in the production of high-end molybdenum sputtering targets, and the headquarters of major global target manufacturers were mostly concentrated in Japan and the United States. Therefore, this time, China not only broke the relative monopoly of foreign molybdenum sputtering targets, but since then, it will also greatly drive the domestic market demand for molybdenum sputtering targets.

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