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Tungsten target, also known as tungsten sputtering target, is a typical pure tungsten product with high purity, high melting point, high density, high deflection strength, good thermochemical stability, low resistance, non-toxic and non radioactive characteristics.



Characteristic Requirements of Molybdenum Sputtering Target

In the electronics industry, molybdenum sputtering targets are widely used in flat panel displays, electrodes and thin film solar cells based on molybdenum’s high melting point, high conductivity, low specific impedance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance.



Tungsten Sputtering Targets

Tungsten target is also called tungsten sputtering target. It is a product made of pure tungsten powder. Its appearance is silver-white. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is popular in many fields.



RF Sputtering of Molybdenum Target

With the development of modern electronic technology, the requirements for film-forming quality of semiconductor devices are getting higher and higher, thus promoting the progress of vacuum deposition technology, of which RF sputtering is a better film-forming method.



Ultra-high-purity Tungsten Metal Sputtering Target

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