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Fabrication of Tungsten Sputtering Target

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Tungsten target, also known as tungsten sputtering target, is a typical pure tungsten product with high purity, high melting point, high density, high deflection strength, good thermochemical stability, low resistance, non-toxic and non radioactive characteristics. It is widely used in flat panel displays, solar cells, integrated circuits, automotive glass, medical equipment and other products. The researcher whose patent number is CN102513789A provides a manufacturing method of tungsten target, and the specific steps are as follows:

Provide tungsten target blanks; Machining the blank surface; Put the machined blank into the vacuum bag and vacuum it. The vacuum pumping step is completed through the degassing pipe; Forging the blank in the vacuum jacket; Rolling the blank in the forged vacuum jacket; After calendering, cool and remove the vacuum jacket.

Precautions for this production technology:

1) After the vacuum pumping, the first heat treatment step of the vacuum package is also required: after the temperature is 200 ° C~500 ° C, the thermal insulation step is carried out. During the heating and thermal insulation process, the vacuum degree in the vacuum package is at least 10 ^ - 3Pa by continuous vacuum pumping, and then the forging step is carried out for the tungsten target blank in the vacuum package.

2) Before forging the blank in the vacuum jacket, a second heat treatment is required for the blank. The temperature of the second heat treatment is 900 ° C~1500 ° C, and the temperature is kept for 1h~5h.

3) After the forging step for the tungsten blank in the vacuum jacket and before the rolling step for the blank in the vacuum jacket after forging, the third heat treatment for the blank in the vacuum jacket is also included. The temperature of the third heat treatment is 900 ° C~1500 ° C, and the temperature is kept for 0.8h~1h.

Compared with the prior art, the production method has the following advantages: no mold is required, cracks and surface oxidation problems can be avoided when the blank is processed and extended in air, tungsten target with uniform internal structure and grain size meeting the requirements of sputtering target can be produced, and it has the advantages of easy processing and low scrap rate.

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