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Tungsten Steel Reamer, Countersink, Reamer

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The tungsten steel reaming drill is used as a pre-processing reaming before reaming or grinding, such as the expansion of drilling, casting, forging and punching. Compared with the drill bit, the reaming drill has the following characteristics:

(1) The tungsten steel reaming drill is used to expand the existing hole, so the cutting edge does not need to extend to the center, and there is no chisel edge, which avoids the adverse effect of the chisel edge on the chips.

(2) The reaming allowance is relatively small, so the chip pocket is shallow, the thickness of the drill core is large, the strength of the cutter body is high, and the rigidity is good, and a large feed rate and cutting speed can be used.

(3) The tungsten steel reaming drill has a large number of teeth, generally 3 to 4 teeth, with good guidance and stable cutting.

Due to the above characteristics of tungsten steel reaming drills, reaming and drilling have better quality and higher production efficiency, and are widely used in production.

Tungsten steel countersinks are used to process various countersunk screws, countersunk holes, taper holes and boss surfaces.

Tungsten steel reamers are used for finishing and semi-finishing holes, and can also be used for hole grinding or pre-processing. The reamer has more teeth than the reaming drill, good guidance, large core diameter and good rigidity, so the reaming can obtain higher machining accuracy and smoothness.

In order to improve the accuracy of reaming, it is best to rotate the workpiece when reaming, and the reamer only performs feed motion. When reaming on the machine tool, in order to eliminate the vibration of the reamer and the unnecessary enlargement of the hole caused by the different axis of the reamer axis curve and the main axis of the machine tool, the reamer should preferably adopt a floating clamping, and make the reamer in the Work with precision leads.

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