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Tungsten Steel Bar

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According to the structure, tungsten steel bar can be divided into tungsten steel bar for PCB tool, solid tungsten steel bar, single straight hole tungsten steel bar, double straight hole tungsten steel bar, double spiral hole tungsten steel bar, triple spiral hole tungsten steel rods and other types of tungsten steel rods, etc.; According to the forming process, they can be mainly divided into extrusion forming and molding. The difference is that the extruded bar has a beautiful appearance and is easy to grind; the advantage of the molded bar is that the density is relatively uniform, but it is not conducive to grinding.

Tungsten steel bars are mainly used to make various metal and non-metal cutting tools, such as PCB micro-drills, drills, end mills, reamers, etc., for processing aluminum alloys, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, ductile iron, nickel-based And titanium alloys, non-ferrous metals and other products. Tungsten steel bars are also widely used in stamping tools and wear-resistant tools, such as: for making various shapes of inserts, silicon steel sheets and cold-rolled sheets, stainless steel punches, thimbles, punching needles, etc.

Tungsten steel bar is one of the best products provided by Chinatungsten Online. As a new technology and new material, the main features of tungsten steel bar are stable mechanical properties, easy welding, and extremely high wear resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, tungsten steel rods can also be used in the manufacture of metal cutting tools, the manufacture of products with hardness and wear resistance and corrosion resistance required for wood and plastics.

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