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Tungsten Steel Cone

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Tungsten wire tap is one of the standard tools for machining cylindrical and conical internal threads. It has a simple structure and is easy to use, so it is widely used. The essence of a tungsten wire tap is a screw that is longitudinally grooved to form cutting edges and flutes.

The structure of tungsten wire cone

The basic structure of a tungsten wire tap is an axially grooved external thread. The taper angle 2Ф is relief ground on the cutting part of the tungsten wire cone, so that the cutting load is distributed to several teeth. The correction section has a complete tooth profile to control thread parameters and guide the axial movement of the tap. The square tail of the shank is used to connect with the machine tool, or to transmit torque through a wrench. The tap is grooved axially to accommodate the chips while creating a rake angle. The top edge of the cutting cone and the toothed side edge are relieved to form a relief angle. There is a taper in the center of the tap to maintain the strength of the tap.

The cutting motion of the tapping thread is a helical motion composed of the rotation and axial movement of the tungsten wire tap. When a thread is cut out, the tungsten wire taper tooth side can engage with the helical surface of the thread and automatically guide the tapping. The cutting part of the tungsten wire taper can be understood as a spiral broach. The cutting edge is developed according to the helical surface, and its radius increases to form the tooth lift ɑf. Correcting part of the tooth profile has no tooth lift, which is equivalent to the correction tooth of the broach.

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