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Drilling with Tungsten Carbide Bits

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Drilling with Tungsten Carbide Bits

Drilling can perform hole processing on solid materials, and is widely used in cutting processing.

In metal cutting, the proportion of hole machining is very large, and various hole machining tools are widely used. Hole processing tools are divided into two categories according to their uses: one is the tools for machining holes from solid materials, such as twist drills, flat drills, center drills and deep hole drills; the other is for existing holes. Hole processing tools for re-hole processing, such as reaming drills, countersinking drills, reamers and boring tools.

The hole machining tool works on the inner surface of the workpiece, which causes some special problems in the structure of this kind of tool, such as chip removal, strength, rigidity, guidance and lubrication and cooling of the tool. These problems are all in the design and use. Pay special attention.

Tungsten steel drills are tools for drilling or reaming, which are generally used for rough machining, and can also be used for pre-drilling in semi-finishing or finishing (reaming, reaming, boring, broaching and grinding).

According to different structural forms and uses, tungsten steel drills can be divided into flat drills, twist drills, deep hole drills and center drills, etc. At present, the most used tungsten steel drills are twist drills.

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