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What is Tungsten Diamond Wire?

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Tungsten wire diamond wire, also known as tungsten wire rope, tungsten wire diamond cutting wire or tungsten-based diamond wire, is a kind of diamond wire with pure tungsten wire or doped tungsten wire as the busbar. A cutting line composed of wire, pre-nickel layer, upper sand nickel layer and solid sand nickel layer.

In terms of physical and chemical properties, tungsten-based rigid wire is a slender diamond wire with a clean and rough surface, that is, with diamond particles attached, with uniform particle distribution, high tensile strength, good toughness, high breaking force, fatigue resistance, Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long life.

From the production process point of view, the production process of tungsten-based steel wire is: raw material (tungsten powder) → primary reduction → pickling → doping → secondary reduction → pickling → mixing → isostatic pressing → pre-sintering → hammer melting → Rotary forging blanking→high frequency annealing→continuous forging→black wire drawing→electrolysis→drying→white wire→electroplating→diamond wire. Matters needing attention: the gas used in the primary reduction and secondary reduction processes is uniform hydrogen; the acid solution in the first pickling step is a mixed solution of sulfamic acid and hydrochloric acid; the doping elements in the doping step are rhenium and lanthanum; The purpose of electrolysis is to remove the graphite emulsion on the surface of the doped tungsten wire to enhance the bonding force of the coating; electroplating is to plate the nickel layer.

In terms of use, tungsten diamond wire is mainly used for cutting and processing highly hard and brittle materials, such as crystalline silicon, sapphire, cemented carbide, optical glass, ceramics, magnetic materials, stone, etc.

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