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Filament is in the form of very thin coil wire or straight wire, which is used to convert electrical energy into light energy. This was the first optical power source, tungsten filaments were used in incandescent lamps or light bulbs.



What is Tungsten Diamond Wire?
Tungsten wire diamond wire, also known as tungsten wire rope, tungsten wire diamond cutting wire or tungsten-based diamond wire, is a kind of diamond wire with pure tungsten wire or doped tungsten wire as the busbar.



The Difference Between Tungsten-Based Rigid Wire and Mortar Cutting
Before 2013, photovoltaic silicon wafer cutting mostly used free abrasive mortar cutting process to cut silicon material.



Production of Tungsten Wire
Producing tungsten wire is a complex and difficult process. The whole process must be strictly controlled by controlling the proper chemical composition to ensure the physical properties of the finished tungsten wire.



Coiled Tungsten Wire
Coiled tungsten wire is undoubtedly the most critical part of producing incandescent lamps. The resistivity of tungsten filament is 5.3*10^-8.



Gold-plated tungsten wire
Gold-plated tungsten wire definitionGold-plated tungsten wire means that the tungsten wire is coated with a layer of gold. Gold-plated tungsten-rhenium wire refers to tungsten-rhenium wire.



Tungsten Rhenium Wire
Once the tungsten wire is recrystallized after being used at a high temperature, it becomes very brittle, and it is easily broken under impact or vibration.
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