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High Purity Tungsten Contacts: Strong Support In The Field Of Circuit Breakers

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Electric energy plays a crucial role in modern society, and high-purity tungsten contacts are an indispensable key element in the world of electric energy. In the field of circuit breakers, high-purity tungsten contacts provide excellent thermodynamic, electrical, and reliability protection for the flow of electrical energy.

Why are tungsten contacts so special? Compared to traditional electrical contacts, high-purity tungsten contacts have a higher melting point, better conductivity, and thermal conductivity, making them the best choice for circuit breakers. In addition, its excellent impact resistance and oxidation resistance are derived from the unique characteristics of tungsten materials.

The circuit breaker is an indispensable part of the battery ignition system, responsible for achieving periodic on/off of the ignition coil primary circuit. Among them, the opening and closing of contacts directly affects the cutting and making of the circuit, and its importance cannot be underestimated. The performance of circuit breaker contacts is influenced by various factors, such as the size of contact gap, quality of contact surface, spring tension, etc. Appropriate clearances, parallel contact surfaces, and stable tension are prerequisites for stable contact operation.

Metal tungsten stands out due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, becoming the preferred material for manufacturing high-quality circuit breaker contacts. Its high melting point and corrosion resistance enable the circuit breaker to operate stably in high load working environments.

The reliable transmission of electrical energy cannot be achieved without stable electrical equipment, and high-purity tungsten contacts are the guardians of ensuring the flow of electrical energy. In the world of circuit breakers, the application of high-purity tungsten contacts provides solid support for the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment.

High purity tungsten contacts, perhaps tiny, play a huge role in the world of electricity. Behind the electrical equipment, there is a strong team that uses high-purity tungsten contacts as a link to connect electrical energy and inject a continuous stream of power into the development of modern society.

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