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What is the Plasticity of Tungsten Alloy?

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As a typical high melting temperature material, the mechanical properties of tungsten alloy mainly include hardness, brittleness, plasticity, toughness, strength, elasticity, ductility and rigidity, which are affected by many factors such as material composition, raw material ratio and process parameters. It is worth mentioning that plasticity is quite similar to toughness and ductility.

What is the plasticity of tungsten alloy? It refers to the ability of the material to undergo permanent deformation under the action of external force, which can be expressed by elongation (the ratio of the total deformation of the gauge length after the material tensile fracture to the original gauge length) and reduction of area (the ratio of the reduced area of the section to the original area). Generally, the greater the plasticity, the smaller the force required for the alloy to undergo irreversible deformation; The better the toughness or ductility, the better the plasticity of the alloy material.

The research shows that when the stress (the internal force of interaction between various parts of the material) is less than the proportional limit (elastic limit), the stress and strain of the alloy material are linear, showing elastic behavior, that is, when the external force disappears, the strain will also disappear. When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, the deformation of the alloy material includes elastic deformation and plastic deformation, in which the plastic deformation is irreversible.

The plasticity index of tungsten alloy is usually tested by tensile testing machine. The cutting machine, also known as the material tensile testing machine or universal tensile strength testing machine, is a new generation of mechanical testing equipment that integrates computer control, automatic measurement, data acquisition, screen display, and test results processing. It is equipped with precision oil pump, electro-hydraulic servo valve, and PC servo controller on the platform of the lower main engine of the oil cylinder. It has the advantages of good professionalism, high reliability, and easy upgrading, However, it also has the disadvantage of complex operation.

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