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The Difference between Forged Flange and Cast Flange

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Forged flange and cast flange are two different technologies in the flange production and manufacturing process. Each technology has its own characteristics. Flange manufacturers will reasonably choose according to different forging characteristics to produce high-quality flange. Next, I will introduce the difference between forged flange and cast flange.     

Casting and forging are flange production processes. Flange production processes are mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and rolling. Forging and casting are two of them. Now we will tell you the difference between the two kinds of flanges. The cast flange has accurate shape and dimension, small processing amount and low cost, but has casting defects (porosity, crack and inclusion); the internal structure streamline of the casting is poor (if it is a cutting part, the streamline is worse); the forged flange generally contains less carbon than the cast flange and is not easy to rust, the forging streamline is good, the structure is relatively compact, and the mechanical property of the tungsten steel reamer is better than that of the casting; If the forging process is not proper, there will be large or uneven grains, hardening cracks, and the forging cost is higher than that of casting flange. Forgings can bear higher shear force and tensile force than castings. The advantages of the casting are that it can make a more complex shape with lower cost; the advantages of the forging are that the internal structure is uniform and there are no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in the casting; the forging process is generally composed of the following processes, that is, selecting high-quality billet for blanking, heating, forming and cooling after forging. The forging process includes free forging, die forging and die forging. In production, different forging methods are selected according to the forging quality and production batch.

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