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What is the Difference Between Forged Flange and Cast Flange

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Both cast flanges and forged flanges are commonly used flanges. The prices of these two types of flanges are different. The cast flanges have accurate rough shape and size, small processing volume, low cost, but have casting defects (air holes). Cracks and inclusions); the internal structure of the casting is poor in streamline (if it is a cutting part, the streamline is worse); forged flanges generally have lower carbon content than cast flanges and are not easy to rust. Forgings have good streamlined, denser structure and better mechanical properties Cast flange; improper forging process will also cause large or uneven crystal grains, hardening cracks, and forging cost higher than cast flanges. Forgings can withstand higher shear and tensile forces than castings. The advantage of castings is that they can produce more complex shapes and the cost is relatively low; the advantages of forgings are that the internal structure is uniform, and there are no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in the castings; the difference between the casting flange and the forging flange from the production process, For example, a centrifugal flange is a type of cast flange. Centrifugal flanges belong to the precision casting method to produce flanges. Compared with ordinary sand casting, the structure of this type of casting is much finer and the quality is improved a lot. It is not easy to have problems such as loose structure, pores, and trachoma.

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