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Introduction of Common Flanges

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Introduction of Common Flanges

  1. Plane plate flanges: the pipe must be inserted into the flange welded on the inner ring of the flange.

2. Welding neck flange is a flange with a neck, a smooth transition section, and a pipe connected by butt welding.

3. Socket welding flange has a socket, and the pipe is a socket welding flange.

4. Threaded flanges or screwed flanges are threaded flanges that are threaded to the pipe.

5. Lapped joint flange or loose flange is a flange that is loosely looped on the pipe and used in combination with a flanging joint or a welding ring.

6. Special flange non-circular flange, such as diamond flange, square flange, etc.

7. Reducing flange is connected with the standard flange, but the nominal diameter of the nozzle is smaller than that of the standard flange.

8. Flat face flange is the same plane as the entire flange face.

9. Raised face flange is slightly higher than the flange of the entire flange face.

10. Male and female face flanges: A pair of flanges, the sealing surfaces of which are concave and convex.

11. Tongue and groove face flanges:  The sealing surfaces of a pair of flanges, one has a tenon and the other has a groove matching the tenon.

12. Ring joint face stainless steel flange: ring sealing face flange is a trapezoidal ring groove.

13. Blank flange or blind flange is connected to the flange at the end of the pipeline, and is a round plate with bolt holes that closes the pipeline. In order to prevent the rust and cracks on the surface of the stainless steel flange, the surface of the carbon steel flange is usually coated with an electroplating layer (yellow zinc, white zinc, etc.), or painted with anti-rust oil and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

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