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The Characteristics of Tungsten Alloy Rods

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Tungsten alloy rod is one of the main products of tungsten alloy because it has a high density range (from 16.5g/m3 to 18.5g/m3) and a 50% higher density than lead.

There are good mechanical properties in tungsten alloy rod, such as high tensile strength and good ductility.The design of tungsten alloy rod mainly considers the impact of material ratio and processing process on the performance.

Tungsten alloy rods are not easy to collapse and break, and have good scalability.In addition, there is a high melting point with it, so at high temperatures, other metals begin to melt, while it maintains its original properties.In addition, the tungsten alloy rods also have good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, good Solderability, etc.

Overall, there are many special properties in the tungsten alloy rod, such as: small but high density (usually 16.5 g / cubic cm ~18.75 g / cubic cm), high melting point, large hardness, excellent wear resistance, high limit tensile strength, good ductility, low vapor pressure, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, easy processing, corrosion resistance, good seismic resistance, extremely high radiation absorption ability, excellent impact resistance and crack resistance, and non-toxic and environmental protection, is consistent with international environmental protection standards.

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