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What is Tungsten Based Diamond Wire / Tungsten Fund Steel Wire?

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Tungsten Diamond Wire, also known as Tungsten Fund Steel Wire, is a type of diamond cutting wire or diamond wire that uses doped tungsten wire as the bus/substrate. It is a progressive linear cutting tool composed of doped tungsten wire, pre plated nickel layer, sanded nickel layer, and sanded nickel layer, with a diameter of generally 28 μm to 38 μm.

The characteristics of tungsten based diamond wire are fine as hair, clean and rough surface, uniform distribution of diamond particles, and good thermodynamic properties, such as high tensile strength, good flexibility, good fatigue and heat resistance, strong breaking force and oxidation resistance. However, it should be noted that the tungsten wire busbar has the disadvantages of high difficulty in drawing process, low production yield, and high production costs. At present, the average yield of tungsten wire busbar industry is only 50%~60%, which is a significant difference compared to carbon steel wire busbar (70%~90%).

The production equipment and process of tungsten based diamond wire are basically the same as those of carbon steel wire and diamond wire. Among them, the production process includes oil removal, rust removal, pre plating, sanding, thickening, and subsequent treatment. The purpose of oil and rust removal is to improve the bonding force between nickel and tungsten atoms, in order to enhance the bonding force between the nickel layer and tungsten wire.

Tungsten based diamond wires are currently mainly used for cutting photovoltaic silicon wafers. Photovoltaic silicon wafers are the carrier of solar cells, and their quality directly determines the conversion efficiency of solar cells. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the quality of wire cutting tools for photovoltaic silicon wafers has also become increasingly demanding. Compared with carbon steel wire diamond wire, the advantages of tungsten wire diamond wire cutting photovoltaic silicon wafers lie in lower silicon wafer loss rate, smaller silicon wafer thickness, fewer scratches on silicon wafers, and smaller scratch depth.

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