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What is the Shielding Property of Tungsten Alloy?

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As a representative downstream product of refractory tungsten metal, high specific gravity tungsten alloy has excellent shielding performance in addition to the characteristics of non-radioactivity, high density, high strength, high hardness and good chemical stability, and is widely used in collimators, syringes, shielding shields, shielding funnels, shielding cans, shielding blankets, flaw detectors, multi-leaf gratings and other shielding products.

The shielding property of tungsten alloy means that the material prevents radiation such as γ X-ray, X-ray and β The ability of ray penetration is closely related to the chemical composition, organizational structure, material thickness, working environment and other factors of the material.

Generally, the shielding ability of tungsten copper alloy and tungsten nickel alloy is slightly different under the same raw material ratio, microstructure and other factors. When the chemical composition is the same, with the increase of tungsten content or the decrease of bonded metal (such as nickel, iron, copper, etc.) content, the shielding performance of the alloy is better; On the contrary, the shielding performance of the alloy is worse. Under the same other conditions, the greater the thickness of the alloy, the better the shielding performance. In addition, deformation, cracks, sandwiches and other defects will seriously affect the shielding performance of tungsten alloys.

The shielding performance of tungsten alloy is measured by Monte Carlo method to calculate the X-ray shielding performance of the alloy, or by experimental method to measure the shielding effect of the alloy material.

Monte Carlo method, also known as statistical simulation method and statistical test method, is a numerical simulation method that takes probability phenomenon as the research object. It is a calculation method that uses sampling survey method to obtain statistical value to estimate unknown characteristic quantity. The basic steps of this method are as follows: construct a simulation model according to the characteristics of the combat process; Determine the required basic data; Use methods that can improve simulation accuracy and convergence speed; Estimate the number of simulations; Compile the program and run it on the computer; Statistically process the data, and give the simulation results of the problem and its accuracy estimate.

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