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Characteristics and Applications of Pure Tantalum Rods

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The melting point of tantalum rod is 2996 degrees Celsius and the density is 16.68 g/cm. However, due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, cold working and good welding performance, tantalum rod is widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, machinery, aerospace, medical, military and other industries. has been widely used.

Pure tantalum rods have excellent chemical properties, and it has extremely high corrosion resistance. No matter in cold or hot conditions, it has no reaction to hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid and "aqua regia". After soaking in sulfuric acid for one year, the surface layer is only damaged by 0.006 mm. Experiments on tungsten plates, tungsten rods, molybdenum plates, tungsten tubes, molybdenum tubes and tungsten crucibles have proved that pure tantalum rods do not work with alkaline solutions, chlorine water, dilute sulfuric acid and many other agents at room temperature, only in the presence of hydrogen fluoride. The reaction between acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid is actually relatively rare among metals.

The characteristics of pure tantalum rod make its application field very wide. In the equipment for preparing various inorganic acids, it can be used to replace stainless steel, and its service life can be dozens of times longer than that of stainless steel. In electrical and other industries, tantalum can replace the tasks that used to be undertaken by the precious metal platinum, which greatly reduces the cost.

In addition, pure tantalum rods are also an important element for refining super-strength steel, corrosion-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel alloys, and can provide special materials necessary for the development of space technologies such as rockets, spacecraft, and jet aircraft. Non-magnetic materials made of tantalum and tungsten Alloys are widely used in the electrical industry, especially tantalum carbide composed of tantalum and carbon, with great hardness, even under high conditions, comparable to diamond.

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