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molybdenum electrode

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As one of the important components in the glass industry, the purity of the molybdenum electrode not only affects its own service life, but also directly affects the quality of the glass produced.



The Quality of the Finished Optical Glass is Related to the Molybdenum Electrode
Among all refractory metals, molybdenum is the most commonly used metal. When made into an alloy, it has extremely high resistance to high temperatures and creep, making it extremely resistant to corrosion.



Plate Molybdenum Electrode Advantages and Disadvantages
Plate molybdenum electrodes are another form of side-wall type electrodes, mainly used in low-capacity single-phase electric melting furnace, but also suitable for required low current density and uniform energy release certain glass electric furnaces.



Application of Molybdenum Electrode
Molybdenum electrode is a molybdenum electrode material, using its unique advantages, temperature, continuous surface, good conductivity and stable edges, excellent corrosion resistance-to improve its overall quality and age of use.



Molybdenum Electrode Plate
The platy molybdenum electrode can withstand higher current density, and is often used in a feed channel or a melting pool. The heating is relatively uniform, generally does not produce too strong convection, and the erosion of the electrode hole brick is smaller than that of the rod electrode.



How to Choose Molybdenum Electrode
General molybdenum electrode diameter between 35 ~ 75mm, and the choice of molybdenum electrode size is mainly based on the size of the current density to determine.
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