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Application of Molybdenum Electrode

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Molybdenum electrode is a molybdenum electrode material, using its unique advantages, temperature, continuous surface, good conductivity and stable edges, excellent corrosion resistance-to improve its overall quality and age of use. The molybdenum electrode is silver gray metallic luster. These are all kinds of forged intermediate frequency furnaces after isostatic pressing and sintering, and then turn, roll, plan and grind.
The application of molybdenum electrode to glass furnace is one of the reasons that affect its service life. The reasons are as follows. The first is the electrode insertion method. For example, the top insertion electrode has no electrode bricks, so it can improve the life of the kiln, but it is easy to form a hot top, and the electrode is easy to fall off, which requires higher shape of the material surface. The bottom-insertion electrode is less corrosive, but requires higher design and equipment. The erosion of tiled electrode bricks is relatively large. If no special envoy protection measures are taken, it will increase the erosion of the kiln and have higher requirements for operation and use.

The second is the correct use of molybdenum electrode water jacket. The electrode water jacket of the bottom inserted electrode is difficult to replace, so serious water leakage often occurs and the furnace is shut down. Therefore, the water jacket and demineralized water should be inspected and maintained frequently. In addition, the impurities and density of the molybdenum electrode also have a certain effect on the quality of the furnace and glass. The proportion of the impurity content in the molybdenum electrode and the density and uniformity of the molybdenum electrode are important indicators for measuring the molybdenum electrode. Molybdenum electrodes with few impurities can produce glasses with better transparency. In addition, too much iron and nickel impurities in the electrode will affect the life of the electrode. The electrode density is higher and more uniform, not only can increase the service life of the electrode, prevent the electrode from being eroded, resulting in a large amount of molybdenum particles mixed into the glass, and can effectively improve the performance of the glass.
In short, molybdenum electrodes are mainly used in the glass and rare earth industries.

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