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Molybdenum Electrode Plate

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The platy molybdenum electrode can withstand higher current density, and is often used in a feed channel or a melting pool. The heating is relatively uniform, generally does not produce too strong convection, and the erosion of the electrode hole brick is smaller than that of the rod electrode.

When the plate electrode is used in the melting pool, the control effect on the liquid flow is different from the traditional hot spot (or thermal dam) control. The main component of the electric current line of the plate electrode is a parallel electric field, and the electric energy release between the two electrode plates is relatively uniform. If there is a hot spot in the plate electrode electric melting furnace, it is not a point but an area. The structure of the plate electrode of the melting pool is: the molybdenum plate and the molybdenum rod are coupled, and the tail portion is electrically connected by a high temperature alloy and protected by a water jacket. The thickness of the molybdenum plate should be a function of the age of the furnace and the type of molten glass, and the thickness should be chosen to be balanced with the life of the refractory of the kiln.

The following points should also be noted when using the plate electrode:

  1. The electrode can be protected by low-melting glass or by using a chemically stable gas such as nitrogen during use.

2. The molybdenum plate electrode can only be cold-packed. In the soda-lime glass electric melting furnace, cover the electrode plate with the protective layer with broken glass. In hard glass, nitrogen protection (safety below 1200 °C) can be considered. In addition, it is also feasible to use a high borosilicate glass as a covering for the molybdenum electrode (plate or rod) depending on the field practice.

3. The structure of the plate electrode must be firm, and the plate and the rod electrode must maintain a good conductive state in the glass liquid. If loose, the joint between the plate electrode and the rod electrode will be eroded, causing the electrode plate to fall off, so that the convection and temperature distribution of the molten glass will change, and the remaining rods will also increase the loss, eventually leading to the electrode and The gap of the refractory brick flows outward.

4. In addition, care should be taken to keep the molybdenum plate parallel to the bottom of the pool.

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