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Plate Molybdenum Electrode Advantages and Disadvantages

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Molybdenum electrode according to the shapes can be divided into rod molybdenum electrode, plate molybdenum electrodes and customized shaped electrodes. Plate molybdenum electrodes are another form of side-wall type electrodes, mainly used in low-capacity single-phase electric melting furnace, but also suitable for required low current density and uniform energy release certain glass electric furnaces. In addition, the plate electrode has small corrosion resistance, especially for borosilicate glass electric furnace. Molybdenum electrode used in the melting tank, during heating and cooling, must take protective measures, so that the electrode does not contact with oxygen in the air to oxidation and corrosion. In order to prevent high temperature oxidation of the electrode, the molybdenum electrode should cover with suitable water cooling device. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the furnace and in serious circumstances will force the melting furnace shutdown.


The main role of the electrode water cooling jacket is to secure install the electrode on the refractory of the furnace and to cool the exposed electrode in the air to 400 ° C or lower to prevent oxidation at the high temperature. Besides, it can prevent the refractory temperature too high, resulting in localized refractory damage.


The advantages and disadvantages of the plate molybdenum electrode are as follows:



1. The electrode weight is light, so will not cause high temperature creep.

2. The conductive area is large than the same weight rod molybdenum electrode more than 4 times, so has small consumption and do not need to continue.

3. The distance of plate electrode and firebrick is 50mm, so the electrode can protect refractory material.

4. Plate electrode can not contact with refractory brick and should to maintain a certain distance. In the transmission connection, the same side of the molybdenum electrode can be connected in parallel, but requires the current sharing measures. If it is an independent transmission, should also pay attention to the phase.



1. If the electrode is damaged, it is necessary to shut down the furnace and discharge the glass at high temperature to replace it.

2. Must be cold-installed.

3. It is limited to small-scale electric melting furnace.

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