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Preparation of High Purity Molybdenum Electrode

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As one of the important components in the glass industry, the purity of the molybdenum electrode not only affects its own service life, but also directly affects the quality of the glass produced. It is mainly reflected in the fact that impurities will reduce the conductivity of the electrode, increase the consumption of electrode electricity, and then Shorten the service life of the product; elements such as C, N, 0 in the electrode will cause bubbles in the glass liquid; metal elements such as Ti, Cu, Cd will color the glass. Therefore, the preparation of high-purity molybdenum electrodes is particularly important for the glass industry.

A production method of a high-purity molybdenum electrode with relatively low C and O contents, the specific steps are as follows:

(1) Press molybdenum powder with a particle size of 2.5um~4.0um and an oxygen mass content of 400ppm~600ppm into a molybdenum billet, and then place the molybdenum billet in a resistance sintering furnace, under vacuum conditions or under the condition of hydrogen as a protective atmosphere Pre-sintering is carried out, and the pre-sintering process is as follows: firstly, pre-sintering is carried out from room temperature to 1200 ° C through 4 h to 6 h, temperature is maintained for 2 hours, and then pre-sintered from 1200 ° C to 1350 ° C through 1 h to 2 hours of heating, and the temperature is maintained for 2 h to 4 h;

(2) The pre-sintered molybdenum blank in step (1) is placed in an intermediate frequency induction furnace, and sintered under the condition of hydrogen as a protective atmosphere to obtain a molybdenum electrode with a mass purity of more than 99.99%. The sintering process is as follows: : First heat up and sinter from room temperature to 1500°C for 1h~2h, hold for 1h~2h, then heat up and sinter from 1500°C for 1h~2h to 1750°C, hold for 2h~4h, then heat up and sinter from 1750°C for 1h~2h to 1800°C ℃~1950℃, keep warm for 4h~6h.

The advantages of the production method include: simple operation, low production cost, high production efficiency, low metal loss, high comprehensive yield, and can mass-produce high-purity molybdenum electrodes of different specifications conveniently and quickly; Uniformity, less defects, flexible and adjustable diameter, and a wide range of sizes that can be prepared.

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