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Gold-plated tungsten wire

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Gold-plated tungsten wire

Gold-plated tungsten wire definition

Gold-plated tungsten wire means that the tungsten wire is coated with a layer of gold. Gold-plated tungsten-rhenium wire refers to tungsten-rhenium wire. Tungsten wire and gold-plated tungsten-rhenium wire have similar appearances, but the content of different substances and the properties of tungsten-rhenium wire are different. 

Gold-plated tungsten wire properties

Gold-plated tungsten wire, the surface condition is golden shiny tungsten wire, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, it is suitable for using tungsten wire and tungsten heater. Gold-plated tungsten wire increases corrosion resistance properties.

In a superficial sense, gold-plated tungsten wire becomes more beautiful, the surface is cleaner than black tungsten wire, tungsten wire is brighter as well as sprayed tungsten wire. In a deeper sense, gold-plated tungsten wire has higher corrosion resistance than non-gold-plated tungsten wire.

Uses: Gold-plated tungsten wire is used for electrodes of copiers instead of corrosive tungsten wire and tungsten-aluminum wire. Gold-plated tungsten wire can also be used as an ideal anti-corrosion electron emission material, which can be widely used in scientific research fields such as high-energy physics and meteorology.

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