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Tungsten Wire at Room Temperature

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Filament is in the form of very thin coil wire or straight wire, which is used to convert electrical energy into light energy. This was the first optical power source, tungsten filaments were used in incandescent lamps or light bulbs. There is a connection between tungsten and temperature when it is in working condition.

In electricity, light bulbs are the most common source of light. Incandescent light bulbs are based on electricity passing through a thin tungsten filament, which heats up at a very high temperature, making the bulb glow. In the free space of the bulb, whether it is a vacuum or an inert gas, it is necessary to prevent the red-hot tungsten filament from oxidizing the tungsten filament. They are also known as arc lamps or appliance lamps.

The temperature of the heated tungsten wire is raised to 3300 degrees Kelvin, at this temperature it starts to emit light and thus we get light energy. If the bulb is filled with argon, it can prevent the tungsten oxide filament from getting as high as 3300 degrees Kelvin. We use tungsten wire because it has a very high melting point around 3700 degrees Kelvin. The bulbs are operated over a wide voltage range. They work from 1.5 volts to 300 volts. They are cheap to make in both DC and AC.

Tungsten wire is used in table lamps, car lights, flashlights and decorations, etc. They are also used in poultry farms, reptile houses and aquariums to maintain temperature. Today, LED lights replace light bulbs. They consume very little electricity, so the cost of generating electricity is low. However, the tungsten wire is still the same.

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