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Tungsten Rhenium Wire

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Once the tungsten wire is recrystallized after being used at a high temperature, it becomes very brittle, and it is easily broken under impact or vibration. In some electric light source products that require high reliability, in order to prevent the filament from breaking, rhenium is often added to the doped tungsten wire, which is called tungsten-rhenium wire.

Tungsten-rhenium wire reduces the brittle transition temperature of tungsten to room temperature or below. This is a very strange rhenium effect. So far, no element has been found that can replace rhenium and produce the same effect in tungsten.

Tungsten filament has a fibrous structure. When the temperature reaches 1500~1600℃, the tungsten filament will deform and sink due to high temperature. In order to improve the quality of tungsten wire, we usually add some additives in the sintering process, such as Na2O, K2O, SiO2, ThO, to enhance the high temperature creep resistance and sag resistance of tungsten wire. In order to increase the toughness of tungsten wire and prevent deformation at high temperature, some oxides such as silica, alumina and potassium are usually added.

The recrystallized tungsten wire becomes very brittle when used at high temperature. It is easy to be broken and interrupted in the state of shock. In some electric light sources that require high performance, in order to prevent the filament from breaking, the tungsten wire usually needs to add rhenium, and the tungsten-rhenium wire can extend the brittleness of tungsten, even at a lower temperature, room temperature or lower.

The tungsten-rhenium wire we provide has added rhenium, which has better flexibility and stability at high temperature than pure tungsten wire.

Application of tungsten rhenium wire:

   1. Production of tungsten filaments and chromatographic heat sensitive components with special requirements;

   2. Used to manufacture heating wire mesh for TV heating and picture tube and camera tube;

   3. For military electronic equipment.

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