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Tungsten Alloy in Aviation Industry

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With the gradual recovery of the global economy, the demand for global aviation aircraft will be huge in the next few years. According to the forecast of Airbus and Boeing in the next 20 years of the civil aviation aircraft market, the global civil aviation aircraft market will reach 5.6 trillion US dollars in the next 20 years; among them, the Asia-Pacific market is the most growth market. China will surpass the United States to become the world's largest aviation market.

The aviation industry represents the economic, military and technological level of a country and is an important symbol of a country's comprehensive national strength and national defense strength. Therefore, the Chinese government also strongly supports the development of the industry. In May 2016, the State Council issued guidance and pointed out that by 2020, more than 500 general-purpose airports will be built in China, with more than 5,000 general-purpose aircraft and a general aviation industry with an economic scale of more than 1 trillion yuan.

In the aerospace field, metal tungsten has a wide range of applications in the form of alloys, and with the development of the aviation industry in the future, it has ushered in a new wave of growth. A large number of carbide tools (CNC machines, etc.) are used to cut the fuselage, and some tungsten alloys are used in manufacturing parts, such as aircraft engine materials and thermal insulation coatings. The following summarizes the application of tungsten alloys in aircraft component manufacturing:

1. Metal tungsten is an indispensable material in the manufacture of aircraft engines. Aircraft engines have temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees, and only titanium-tungsten-molybdenum alloys can withstand such high temperatures. Aircraft engine equipment needs to be insulated with other materials. China has used composite materials for heat insulation: a layer of seed powder and a layer of titanium-tungsten alloy sheet to press the molding material. Because the coating of tungsten material is equivalent to a protective cover for the engine parts, it will not occupy the weight, but also improve the performance and life, both of which are beautiful. In addition, in the important repair and maintenance of the engine, surfacing and spraying tungsten coating is also a necessary maintenance work for the aero engine, which is essential for extending the service life of the engine.

2. Tungsten alloy is currently the most effective material for balancing the overall weight of the aircraft. The balance member is generally made of tungsten-based high specific gravity alloy. Tungsten-based high specific gravity alloys are generally classified as temporary and permanent on aircraft. In addition, in helicopter production, tungsten alloy counterweights are also incorporated into the high control system of many propeller designs to prevent overspeed. Tungsten alloys can be made into blades to compensate for the balance of a single blade built into the helicopter.

3. The outer rotor of the aircraft navigation gyroscope is made of tungsten alloy, and the navigation gyroscope is an important component in the fields of satellite, missile, rocket and aerospace.

4. The brake pads of the aircraft are made of tungsten alloy (tungsten-molybdenum alloy and tungsten-manganese alloy). The temperature of the aircraft during the braking process has already melted and deformed other metals. The high temperature resistance and characteristics of tungsten alloys are ideal materials. .

5. Tungsten alloy is an ideal damping material. Tungsten alloy weights can be used to adjust the oscillation frequency of the triangle and laser beam, and the curved rod made of tungsten alloy is ideal for damping in high density.

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