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Tungsten Alloy in Aviation Industry

With the gradual recovery of the global economy, the demand for global aviation aircraft will be huge in the next few years. According to the forecast of Airbus and Boeing in the next 20 years of the civil aviation aircraft market, the global civil aviation aircraft market will reach 5.6 trillion US dollars in the next 20 years.

03/ 12 / 2019
The Indissoluble Bond Between Tungsten and Transistor

Transistors are considered to be the greatest inventions in electronic technology in the 20th century, setting off a microelectronics industry revolution and laying the foundation for a modern civil society. And since its inception, it has facilitated the indissoluble bond of tungsten.

09/ 20 / 2018
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Analysis of China and Global Tungsten Product Trade Situation

Tungsten products have a wide variety of trades, including raw materials and processed products. Raw material products refer to tungsten concentrates and junior- and intermediate-level smelting products such as tungstates, tungsten trioxide, oxides and hydroxides of unlisted tungsten etc.

05/ 02 / 2018
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2017 Tungsten Market Review and 2018 Outlook

In 2017, tungsten market out of the market "haze" after nearly three years of downturn, the price gradually return to the rational, the industry situation continued steady. The performance is as follows: First, the output of tungsten concentrates remained stable

02/ 26 / 2018
Tungsten Production Control in 2017

June 7, the Ministry of Industry issued 2017 tungsten production total control indicators to determine the total production in 2017 tungsten control in 91.3 thousand tons, unchanged from the previous year.

08/ 22 / 2017
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