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Superfine Pure Tungsten Wire Introduction

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The ultra-fine tungsten wire can be prepared by electrolytic corrosion method, wherein the ultra-fine tungsten wire with a diameter of less than 7 μm is the main raw material for preparing the load of the Z-pinch wire array.
The electrolytic corrosion method can be used to prepare ultrafine tungsten wires with a minimum diameter of 3.0 μm. The effects of process conditions such as electrolyte temperature, electrolyte mass fraction, electrolytic voltage, and take-up speed on tungsten wires are studied. The universal dynamometer tested the diameter, shape and tensile strength of the prepared tungsten wire.

Experiments show that the corrosion rate of tungsten wire increases with the increase of electrolyte temperature, mass fraction, and electrolysis voltage, and decreases with the increase of wire take-up speed. The main factors that affect the corrosion rate of tungsten wire are electrolytic voltage and wire take-up speed. The corrosion rate and system friction are the main factors that affect the fineness of the wire.
The principle of preparing ultrafine tungsten wire by electrolytic corrosion
Electrolytic corrosion is a method for preparing metal materials by utilizing the electrochemical corrosion of metals in electrolytes such as molten salts or aqueous solutions, that is, electrochemical anode dissolution. Electrolytic corrosion can be carried out using both AC and DC power sources.

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