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Pure tungsten

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A tungsten bar is a solid piece of metal made from tungsten, which is a dense and heavy element known for its high melting point, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.



Introduction of Pure Tungsten Eveporation Crucible
Like the evaporation tungsten boat, the tungsten crucible is also a typical product of the refractory metal tungsten. It is a product with metal tungsten powder as the main raw material.



Pure Tungsten Sheet
The tungsten powder is prepared by isostatic pressing and then sintered at high temperature into a tungsten slab. After the tungsten slab is rolled by a rolling mill, the tungsten plate and tungsten sheet are cut and formed by a shearing machine.



Preparation Method of High Flatness Pure Tungsten Metal Sheet
With the continuous development of science and technology, CT machines have higher and higher requirements for the flatness of tungsten alloy collimators, from less than 0.03 to less than 0.015, which undoubtedly poses new challenges for the preparation of pure tungsten thin materials .



Pure Tungsten
Pure tungsten is the material from which pure tungsten products are produced. Pure tungsten is so-called pure and its purity exceeds 99.95%.



Superfine Pure Tungsten Wire Introduction
The ultra-fine tungsten wire can be prepared by electrolytic corrosion method, wherein the ultra-fine tungsten wire with a diameter of less than 7 μm is the main raw material for preparing the load of the Z-pinch wire array.
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