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New medical X-ray Protective Material: Tungsten Nickel Copper (WNiCu) Alloy

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As a new medical X-ray protective material, tungsten-nickel-copper alloy or W-Ni-Cu alloy (tungsten-based high specific gravity alloy), has lead-free, environmental protection, non-magnetic, high density (~18.8g/cm3), and the ability to absorb high-energy rays Strong, machinable, weldable, and low thermal expansion coefficient, it is widely used in the field of medical ray shielding and protection that is sensitive to magnetic environments.

Tungsten-nickel-copper alloy refers to an alloy composed of tungsten as the base and a small amount of nickel, copper and other alloying elements. Compared with tungsten-nickel-iron alloy, it exerts its unique anti-interference advantage in the field sensitive to magnetic environment. Moreover, compared with the toxicity of lead, tungsten alloy material has environmental protection properties, and the production process of tungsten alloy shielding parts does not harm human safety. So, what is the new medical X-ray protective material used for? Tungsten nickel copper alloy.

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