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New medical X-ray Protective Material: Tungsten Nickel Copper (WNiCu) Alloy

As a new medical X-ray protective material, tungsten-nickel-copper alloy or W-Ni-Cu alloy (tungsten-based high specific gravity alloy), has lead-free, environmental protection, non-magnetic, high density (~18.8g/cm3), and the ability to absorb high-energy rays Strong, machinable, weldable.

07/ 20 / 2022
Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate

Tungsten-copper alloy material has the advantages of both tungsten and copper. Tungsten is resistant to high temperature (greater than 3000 degrees) and is therefore resistant to burnout.

05/ 07 / 2022
How to Improve the Performance of Tungsten Copper Alloy

The improvement of the performance of tungsten-copper alloy is a concern of modern manufacturers. The alloy is a uniformly mixed structure of two-phase monomers of tungsten and copper. It is neither miscible nor intermetallic. It is a typical pseudo alloy.

02/ 22 / 2021
CuW70 contact.jpg
Study on Nano Tungsten Copper Alloy Electrode

The powder particle size and uniformity of tungsten powder and copper powder will affect the sintering effect of tungsten-copper alloy electrode to a certain extent. The reduction of powder particle size will make the comprehensive properties of materials such as density, hardness etc.

12/ 26 / 2018
CuW80 contact.jpg
Global Tungsten Copper Alloy Market 2017–2022

High Use of tungsten copper alloy in chemicals and materials industry driving the market growth of tungsten copper alloy. Tungsten copper alloy market 2017 by type, power rating, application, and region – global forecast to 2022. In the first part, tungsten copper alloy market study deals wi

10/ 16 / 2017
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