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Introduction of Copper Molybdenum Alloy

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Molybdenum-copper alloy is actually a pseudo-alloy composed of two non-solid-soluble metals, but it has both the characteristics of molybdenum and copper and has good comprehensive properties. The main characteristics of Mo-Cu alloy are as follows:


  1. High electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. Molybdenum is an element with good electrical and thermal conductivity in addition to gold, silver, copper and other metals. Therefore, the molybdenum-copper alloy composed of molybdenum and copper has high electrical and thermal conductivity.

  2. Low adjustable thermal expansion coefficient. Copper has a high thermal expansion coefficient, but molybdenum has a very low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, in the application, the required lower thermal expansion coefficient can be made according to the combination of different components, so that they can be matched and combined with the thermal expansion coefficient of other materials, and the thermal stress damage caused by the excessive difference in the thermal expansion coefficient can be avoided.

  3. Special high temperature performance. The melting point of molybdenum is 2 610 , while the melting point of copper is only 1 083 cC. Mo-Cu alloy has both good strength and certain plasticity at normal temperature and medium temperature. When the temperature exceeds the melting point of copper, the material The copper in it can liquefy and evaporate to absorb heat and play a cooling role (sweat cooling). This performance can be used as high-temperature materials for special purposes, such as nozzle throat linings that resist the burning temperature of explosives, and electrical contacts under the action of high-temperature arcs. 

  4. Non-magnetic. Both molybdenum and copper are non-ferromagnetic metals, so the composed molybdenum copper alloy is an excellent non-magnetic material.

  5. Low gas content and good vacuum performance. Whether it is molybdenum or copper, its oxides are very easy to reduce, and their N, H, C and other impurities are also easy to remove, so as to maintain extremely low outgassing under vacuum and have good vacuum performance. 

  6. Good machinability. Pure molybdenum metal itself is difficult to machine due to its higher hardness and brittleness. The molybdenum-copper alloy reduces the hardness and increases the plasticity of the material after adding copper, so it is conducive to machining and can be processed into parts with complex shapes.


Because of the above-mentioned properties, the application prospect of molybdenum copper alloy is broad. Mainly include:


Vacuum contacts, which are currently being promoted and applied in a large area in China;


Conductive heat dissipation components, which can meet the high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, vacuum performance and constant thermal expansion coefficient of high-power integrated circuits and microwave devices. Requirements;


As some special requirements of instrument and meter components, it can meet its non-magnetic, constant thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, high electrical and thermal conductivity, etc.;


High temperature parts for rockets and missiles with lower temperatures, and can also be used Instead of molybdenum as parts in other weapons, such as extended range guns, etc.;


Used as a solid dynamic seal, a reinforcing rib for sliding friction, a water-cooled electrode tip for a high-temperature furnace, and an electrode for electrical machining. Its application can be further developed.

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