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Application of Molybdenum in the Medical Field-Molybdenum Target

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Molybdenum (Mo) and molybdenum alloy materials have been widely used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, steel smelting, petrochemical industry, medical equipment, national defense construction, etc. Mammography.

It is to use soft X-ray to take pictures of breast tissue to achieve the purpose of diagnosing breast tissue. Needle biopsy system, image post-processing system (CAD) and digital workstation, etc., have a very important role in the diagnosis of breast hyperplasia, breast adenoma, breast cyst, breast cancer, etc., and are one of the most commonly used examination methods in breast surgery. It has many advantages such as non-invasiveness, less pain, simplicity, convenience and high sensitivity. It is the most advanced breast cancer detection method at present.

Why is mammography suitable for breast detection? The anode of the X-ray tube is made of Mo, unlike ordinary X-ray tubes, the anode is made of tungsten. These two kinds of atomic numbers are different, which directly affect the energy of its X-rays, and the performance is also different. The atomic number of Mo is 42, and the atomic number of tungsten is 74. The atomic number of Mo is much lower than that of tungsten. After being bombarded by electrons, the energy of X-rays is also much lower, and the wavelength is only about 0.6. Obviously, this characteristic is very suitable for transillumination of soft tissues. imaging. Tungsten has a much higher atomic number. After electron bombardment, its X-ray energy is much higher, its wavelength is shorter, and its penetrating power is strong. It is suitable for transillumination imaging of bones, but not for soft tissue imaging.

In addition to the above applications, Mo is also used in other medical fields, such as the microporous structure medical titanium-molybdenum alloy formed by molybdenum and titanium due to its good mechanical properties, good biocompatibility and good matching with the elastic modulus of human hard tissue and other advantages, it is often used as a material for hard tissue repair and replacement.

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