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New Preparation Method of Cemented Carbide for Mining Tools

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Carbide mining tools are widely used in the field of mining machinery, so they have to bear a large impact force during the working process. The main components of cemented carbide for mining tools are tungsten carbide and cobalt. However, in the prior art, coarse-grained tungsten carbide is often used as the alloy raw material. Although the alloy produced has good toughness and plasticity, it has the shortcomings of insufficient wear resistance and strength, and it is easy to use mining tools. There is wear and short service life. In response to the above problems, the researchers proposed a new preparation method. Specific steps are as follows:

(1)Prepare raw materials: 84-94% tungsten carbide, 5-15% cobalt powder, 0.5-3% rare metal, 0.3-2% trace element; the particle size of the tungsten carbide is 1.8-4.0um; tantalum, niobium 0.5-3% of the solid solution of at least one element in vanadium; the trace elements include at least one of nickel, silicon, zinc, magnesium, tin, aluminum, bismuth, and phosphorus. (2) Add the raw materials in step (1) into the ball mill, pour alcohol, mix for 8-80 hours, and then vacuum dry. (3) Add a molding agent (SBS rubber or paraffin) into the mixed powder, and vacuum dry it again. (4) Press the powder after adding the forming agent into a blank according to the shape of the mining tool. (5) Sintering the formed hair at a temperature of 1350-1430° C. to obtain a cemented carbide for mining tools, and the alloy grain size of the cemented carbide is 2.4-4.2um.

The cemented carbide produced by this technology has good wear resistance, plasticity and toughness, and has a long service life, thus reducing the operating cost of mining tools in working conditions. Common cemented carbide mining tools include spherical teeth, conical teeth, wedge teeth, edge wedge teeth, spoon teeth, flat top teeth, drill bits, drill bits, etc.

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