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tungsten alloy shielding

A list of these tungsten alloy shielding articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional tungsten alloy shielding, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.

High specific gravity tungsten alloy has excellent shielding performance in addition to the characteristics of non-radioactivity, high density, high strength, high hardness and good chemical stability, and is widely used in collimators, syringes, shielding shields, shielding funnels, shielding cans, shielding blankets, flaw detectors, multi-leaf gratings and other shielding products.



High Density Tungsten Alloy for Shielding Wall

Compared to lead shielding materials, tungsten alloys are more suitable to be selected for shielding walls.



Advantages of Tungsten Alloy As Medical Shielding Material

Tungsten alloy has the advantages of high density, good machinability, good corrosion resistance, high radiation absorption capacity and high strength. Widely used in aerospace, automotive industry and radiation shielding and other fields.



Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding

Compared with traditional iron, lead, cement and other shielding materials, the overall performance of tungsten alloy shields is superior. For example, under the same thickness and working environment, the shielding effect and service life of tungsten alloy shielding materials are better



Tungsten Alloy Nuclear Battery Radiation Shielding Layer

Nuclear batteries are also called "radioisotope batteries", or isotope batteries for short. It uses semiconductor transducers to convert the heat energy continuously released by radioisotopes in the decay process into electrical energy.



Why Choose Tungsten Heavy Alloy Anti-radiation Shielding

Tungsten alloys are widely used as shields in industry, nuclear energy, and medical fields. Due to its high density and large atomic number, tungsten alloy is the best material for shielding, which can shield gamma rays and X-rays.

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