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High Density Tungsten Alloy for Shielding Wall

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High specific gravity tungsten alloy can be simply understood as an alloy with tungsten as the main raw material. Because of its high density (16.5-19.0g/cm3), it is called high specific gravity tungsten alloy or high Density tungsten alloy. The reason why tungsten alloy is used as the shielding material for the shielding wall is that the alloy has stronger radiation resistance due to its larger specific gravity and can be used as a structure due to its higher strength and hardness.

As we all know, a certain thickness of shielding material can weaken the intensity of radiation. Therefore, a thick enough shield (shielding material) should be set between the radiation source and the human body to reduce the radiation level and reduce the amount of radiation that people receive during work. To ensure personal safety and achieve protection purposes. Below, the main introduction is a method of making a nuclear power plant shielding wall.

A shielding wall includes a shell, a sliding device is provided on the bottom of the shell, and a shielding device is also provided on the shell. The shielding device includes a support rod located in the shell and forming a gap with the shell, and The cross bar between the support rod and the support rod, the groove provided on the outer wall of the shell and the support rod, the concrete protection block inserted in the groove, the tungsten alloy partition between the support rod and the tungsten alloy partition Barium cement board between the boards.

By adopting the above technical solution, the provided shell can effectively adjust the thickness of the protection under the action of the support rod, and at the same time, the concrete protection block on the surface can be disassembled, which effectively reduces the difficulty of transportation and other situations, and at the same time, it can be used when needed. The concrete protection block can be fixed on the surface of the shell at the time, and according to the actual radiation dose, it can be effectively adjusted whether to put in the barium cement board, so as to ensure the overall protection effect.

In short, compared to lead shielding materials, shielding walls are more suitable for selecting tungsten alloys as shielding materials.

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