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Application of Molybdenum Foil in Aluminum Ion Battery

Molybdenum foil is a kind of thin sheet made of transition metal molybdenum material, which has the characteristics of high purity, low resistance, good electrochemical performance and chemical stability.

02/ 02 / 2023
molybdenum crucible 2.JPG
Application and Production Method of Molybdenum Crucible

Molybdenum crucible is made of Mo-1 molybdenum powder. Its working temperature is 1100℃~1700℃. It is mainly used in metallurgical industry, rare earth industry, monocrystalline silicon, solar energy, artificial crystal and machining industries.

08/ 16 / 2022
molybdenum target.jpeg
Application of Molybdenum in the Medical Field-Molybdenum Target

Molybdenum (Mo) and molybdenum alloy materials have been widely used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, steel smelting, petrochemical industry, medical equipment, national defense construction, etc. Mammography.

07/ 25 / 2022
moly electrode 3.jpg
Application of Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum electrode is a molybdenum electrode material, using its unique advantages, temperature, continuous surface, good conductivity and stable edges, excellent corrosion resistance-to improve its overall quality and age of use.

04/ 15 / 2020
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