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Pure Tungsten Sheet

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  The tungsten powder is prepared by isostatic pressing and then sintered at high temperature into a tungsten slab. After the tungsten slab is rolled by a rolling mill, the tungsten plate and tungsten sheet are cut and formed by a shearing machine. They are mainly used for the manufacture of electric vacuum. The heating element of the furnace, the heat shield and the parts of the electric vacuum electric light source, etc., the tungsten boat made of the tungsten sheet by stamping and forming is used for vacuum coating utensils.

  Product Specifications:

1) Name: W1 (W 99.95% min)

2) Application: hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil. For electric vacuum, lighting, electronics industry.

3) Cold rolled

a) Thickness: 0.10-1.0mm

b) Width: 500mm max

4) Hot rolled

a) Thickness: 1.0-4.0mm

b) Width: 500mm max

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