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Tungsten Raw Material Price Keeps High Position

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Domestic tungsten market to maintain a solid position, the holiday has just ended, the market has not fully involved in trading activities, the relevant agencies at the beginning of each month and the average price of several major tungsten enterprises expected to be released soon, but also slow down the pace of manufacturers, the current manufacturers More than optimistic about the attitude of more than one of the few quotes are relatively high, tungsten raw materials are still the source of restraint in the overall market, the tight supply situation will also be doomed prices difficult to drop.

Domestic tungsten concentrate market is difficult to buy and sell well, market supply is tight. Tungsten mines and traders are not enthusiastic about taking goods abroad. The production capacity of mines is insufficiently released. Many production orders are locked by old clients. Traders often have higher supply costs because of their high costs. The market outlook there is bullish expectations, while the downstream smelters affected by the environmental impact of production constraints, enthusiasm for stocking to be improved, the tungsten concentrate market at a high wait for the release of downstream consumption.

Short-term tungsten concentrate price is hard to drop, APT production costs increase has become a reality, the face of the status quo reluctant sentiment, some have taken the initiative to improve the ex-factory price response, due to concerns about raw materials hardly reluctant to retail, to maintain customer orders Mainly after the holiday APT mainstream market price of 17.4-17.5 yuan / ton, part of the quotation station more than 175,000, but to be traced to follow up.

From the current market performance of tungsten powder, the cost increases brought about by the price increase is inevitable, the downstream consumption is worth the attention with, despite the return after the holiday, downstream carbide manufacturers to enter the enthusiasm to be improved, but the current tungsten powder firm firm offer , The actual transaction price to be cultivated and followed up, the market tends to health, it is understood that the market price of tungsten powder concentrated in the 270-272 yuan / kg, tungsten carbide prices concentrated in the 266-268 yuan / kg.

 From the fluctuations of the tungsten market in 2017, the supply factors, demand factors, and policies and market expectations have had a huge impact on market trends. Under the combined effect of supply and demand, policy factors and other major factors, which factor changes more rapidly, which is the main line that leads to the transaction of tungsten market. Under the current situation of commodity market, we make an in-depth study of supply, demand and policy, It will also be the basis for capturing the changes in prices and trends.

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