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These are related to the tungsten price news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in tungsten price and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand tungsten price market.
Due to their similar properties, tungsten and molybdenum have an associated relationship, which is relatively common in mineral resources.



China Tungsten Price Rose in Late July After a Long Period of Stabilization
China tungsten price was in the upward trend in the week ended on Friday July 31, 2020, but affected by the weakness both in the supply and demand sides, transactions were poor at the end of this month.



China Tungsten Price Was Weak Due to the Coronavirus
Opening this week, the tungsten price in China remained weak adjustment as traders were active in selling products, but buyers still took a watchful stance. The whole market is quiet with rare transactions concluded.



US Trade War Set Off the Price of Tungsten
After Trump imposed tariffs and imposed trade sanctions on Rusal, the LME aluminum price rose to a nearly seven-year high.In addition to aluminum, who is the next metal that may rise?



2017 Tungsten Market Review and 2018 Outlook
In 2017, tungsten market out of the market "haze" after nearly three years of downturn, the price gradually return to the rational, the industry situation continued steady. The performance is as follows: First, the output of tungsten concentrates remained stable



Tungsten Raw Material Price Keeps High Position
Domestic tungsten market to maintain a solid position, the holiday has just ended, the market has not fully involved in trading activities, the relevant agencies at the beginning of each month and the average price of several major tungsten enterprises expected to be released soon.



Tungsten Price Rising Sharply in China
Domestic tungsten goods prices rose sharply yesterday, tungsten raw materials supply shortage continues to mobilize business prices, but the terminal market does not buy it, tungsten market transactions actually sluggish, carbide industry profits suffered the most squeeze.



In June 2017 China's tungsten ore imports 136.61 tons
According to customs statistics show that in June 2017 China's tungsten ore imports were 136.61 tons, the chain in May 2017 237.867 tons down 42.57%; year in June 2016 215.828 tons down 36.70%.
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