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Tungsten Products

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Tungsten products refer to all kinds of products at all levels produced with tungsten ore as the basic raw material. Tungsten products can be divided into tungsten ore, tungstate, tungsten powder, pure tungsten products, tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, other derivatives of tungsten, etc.

Tungsten ore is divided into: scheelite and wolframite

There are many types of tungstates, which are basically divided into tungsten oxide, tungsten chloride and tungsten fluoride.

Tungstate tungstate anion containing tungstate (WO4 2-) or polytungstate (W7O24 6-) salt. Ammonium ions, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and many heavy metal cations can form tungstates. Common tungstates are sodium tungstate (Na2WO4 2H2O), calcium tungstate (CaWO4), cobalt tungstate (CoWO4), cadmium tungstate (CdWO4), ferrous tungstate (FeWO4), ammonium tungstate [(NH4) ) 6W7O24 6H2O] and zinc tungstate (5ZnO 12WO3) and so on. Among them, calcium tungstate and ferrous tungstate exist in scheelite and wolframite, respectively. Ammonium salts and alkali metal tungstates are soluble in water, while other tungstates are insoluble in water. Tungstates are usually prepared by the heating reaction of metal oxides or hydroxides with tungsten trioxide. Tungstates are mostly used as functional materials, calcium tungstate is an important X-ray luminescent material, and sodium tungstate is used to prepare dyes, pigments, etc.

Tungsten powder products include pure tungsten powder (tungsten powder), tungsten carbide powder, alloy powder with other elements added to the two powders, and doped tungsten powder for making anti-sagging tungsten wire.

Pure tungsten products mainly refer to various shapes of tungsten materials made of pure tungsten raw materials, including pure tungsten products of various levels of purity and various specifications and shapes, such as sintered, forged and sintered bars, blocks, plates and other tungsten products.

In addition, all kinds of electrodes based on tungsten carbide, high specific gravity alloy, tungsten copper alloy, tungsten silver material, tungsten and rare earth alloy are collectively referred to as tungsten products.

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