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Tungsten Production Control in 2017

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June 7, the Ministry of Industry issued 2017 tungsten production total control indicators to determine the total production in 2017 tungsten control in 91.3 thousand tons, unchanged from the previous year. Industry insiders said that in the upstream production capacity control, downstream demand growth, the expected price of tungsten continued to stabilize rebound, is expected to return to a reasonable level.


Implement total control


According to the notice, any enterprise shall not produce no indicators and indicators. The total amount of production control indicators should be issued to meet the national tungsten industry policy and industry planning requirements, with mining license enterprises, indicators to meet the environmental protection requirements, advanced technology and equipment, high level of key enterprises tilt enterprises. On the ultra-standard production and the existence of environmental pollution, security risks of enterprises to be cut until the abolition of indicators. Ministry of Industry stressed that no indicators, ultra-target production enterprises, immediately ordered to stop production, illegal acquisition and sale of enterprises to be punished.


From the distribution situation, a total of 17 provinces (regions) to obtain production targets. Among them, Jiangxi, Hunan provinces were 38,450 tons, 23600 tons, accounting for half of the country.


China's tungsten ore resources in the world's first, but also the largest tungsten production country. According to the US Geological Survey latest statistics, the global tungsten reserves of 3.3 million tons (metal). Among them, China's tungsten reserves of 1.9 million tons (metal), accounting for 58% of global resources.


In recent years, China's global share of tungsten resources has declined. In order to curb the disorderly development of tungsten industry, to protect the shortage of resources, since 2002 on the tungsten concentrate mining "total control index." According to the Chinese tungsten association statistics, 2016 national tungsten concentrate actual output 124,000 tons, over-extraction ratio of more than 30%.


Demand recovery is obvious


After nearly three years of price decline and inventory, 2017 tungsten demand recovery significantly, tight supply of raw materials, market prices into the rising channel.


According to information, as of June 8, the price of black tungsten concentrate 81500 yuan / ton, up 15%; ammonium paratungstate price of 127,000 yuan / ton, up 15.45%; tungsten powder price of 202.5 yuan / kg , Up 10.35% year on year.


At the same time, upstream production capacity is reduced. According to China Tungsten Association statistics, 2016 national tungsten concentrate actual production fell 3.88% year on year. Downstream enterprises are full orders, supply and demand situation, tungsten smelting processing products generally increased. According to the China tungsten association statistics, the main tungsten smelting processing enterprises in the first quarter of 2017, ammonium tungstate, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide, ammonium metatungstate, tungsten, cemented carbide and high proportion of alloy increased by 65.43%, 26.71% 5.52%, 12.69%, 22.96%, 12.46%, 34.08% and 69.9% respectively.


The market rebounded to promote the performance of listed companies related to growth. Wind statistics show that four of the four tungsten companies have announced interim results notice, are good news. The first half of the net profit year on year increase; Xianglu tungsten industry is expected to net profit of about 10.35 million yuan -3818 yuan, the first half of the year, Million, an increase of 10% over the previous year. The first quarter of this year, in addition to Xianglu tungsten industry, the other three companies net profit growth over 100%, Xiamen tungsten industry is up to 534%.


China Tungsten Association, said the Secretary-General Liu Liangxian, strict control of mining, environmental protection requirements to upgrade, is conducive to improving the tungsten market supply and demand contradiction, to promote tungsten raw material prices stabilized rebound. At the same time, the downstream tungsten industry showed steady growth trend. Expected market prices continue to stabilize in 2017 rebound, is expected to return to a reasonable level. Huachuang Securities also pointed out that the expected 2017 tungsten concentrate prices as a whole up, demand will continue to improve.

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