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Tungsten Contacts

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Tungsten is used as electrical contact or contact material, which is resistant to arc ablation; good fusion resistance; metal surface evaporation caused by electrothermal action, less transfer and consumption; strong current interrupting ability; and good wear resistance, dynamic hit performance. Compared with other metal or alloy materials, the price is low, so tungsten contacts and tungsten wafers are widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, technology and defense. Its uses are as follows:

Automotive electrical contacts (distributors, voltage regulators, horns, sirens, etc.)

Contacts for magneto circuit breakers

Machine tool electrical contacts

Contacts for various automatic switches

Contacts for various relays

Contacts for various switches

Contacts for various communication machines

Contacts for various alarms

Contacts for electronic instruments and annunciators

The tungsten contact is polished to make it smooth and in close contact with the surface, while removing fine cracks and oxides on the surface, and filling the pores on the surface with additives such as iron. The additives in the pores then change due to the melting point of tungsten. The residual tungsten oxide also detaches from the pore wall due to the reduction of the negative electrode to find larger pores, thus becoming free oxides and additives.

Purity W1≥99.95%

Specific gravity ≥19.1g/cm3~19.3 g/cm3

Number of grains ≥ 10,000PCS/mm2

Hardness ≥ 71-74HRA

Size tolerance d.h±0.05mm (Products can be produced according to the customer's drawing size.)

The nails of the seat are made of mild steel with a carbon content of less than or equal to 0.10%

The welding purity of tungsten copper alloy is greater than or equal to 99.95%

Welding strength ≥ 83MPa

It is produced in strict accordance with the standards of the chemical industry of the People's Republic of China.

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